Slow Feeder no. 599 for straw based feed

Horses are supposed to have permanent access to straw feed in order to keep their stomach healthy. Another advantage for a horse eating straw feed is the activity and occupation this includes for the horse.

The challenge lies in finding the right balance between not giving the horse too much feed but still ensuring that the feed lasts for e.g. a whole night.

Using the slow feeder no. 599 the horse only pulls out small amounts of straw at a time.

Slow feeder no. 599 fulfills the requirements
Our new slow feeder no. 599 solves the challenge of making the hay fed to the horse last longer.  The product consists of a huge trough with a galvanized grill that efficiently prevents the horse from pulling out huge portions of hay at one time and, what is more, prevents them from eating the whole lot in a short time.

“With Slow Feeder no. 599 Ripasso (photo) eats in its natural feed intake position” explains Kim Schebye from Kværnbækgård Stables near Horsens, Denmark.

Avoid waste and save money
Using the OK Slow Feeder no. 599 the horse can only pull out small amounts of hay, which means that the hay does not end up on the floor with the bedding. That way you save quite a huge amount of feed – especially considering the present high prices on Straw feed.

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