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April 2020

January 2019

Hay feeder no. 595 for horses

The huge capacity of 140 litres makes Hay Feeder no. 595 suitable for straw-based feed. Using a feeder for hay is a good idea if one uses alternative bedding for horses instead of straw. [...]

December 2018

Animal friendly bale feeder, OK no. 679

Keeps hay confined The basic idea of the OK bale feeder no. 679 is to keep the hay inside the feeder, so that the horses do not spread the hay and stamp it into [...]

November 2018

October 2018

Mini Big Bale Price increases by 50%

A shortage of straw-based feed increases interest in our Hay Dispenser no. 499 Due to the drought, the harvest has failed for many different crops. This also applies to straw-based feed, which is why [...]

January 2018

XL Feeder no. 1800 for pregnant cows

To be able to feed cows individually at the dairy farm Lomholdt Agro in Northern Jytland, Lars Lomholdt chose OK feeder no. 1800. The farm has 600 cows and an annually milk yield of [...]

March 2017

November 2016

September 2016

Better calf growth with modular-feeder

The calves should have roughly the same amount of milk replacer/h2> A hierarchy exists among calves that are kept in group pens, in which the strongest calves call the shots. Restrictive feeding of milk replacer [...]

September 2015

May 2015

XXL Sorting Panel no. 127, 115×80 cm

Easy-to-handle shape and law weight is an advantage when sorting pigs. Sorting panel made in one piece means no cavities, securing that bacteria cannot be spread from one stall section to another. Recommended retail [...]

April 2015

November 2014

Modular-feeder for calves, pigs and sheep

The Modular-feeder concept no. 1970 + 1975 may be used for calves, sheep and pigs. It consists of a 2 meter feeder-element, no. 1970, plus a right and a left end piece, no. 1975. The [...]

September 2015


Calves are given a milk substitute because it costs less than the amount paid to a farmer for a litre of fresh milk. When the milk substitute is given in a shared long trough, the [...]

September 2012


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