To be able to feed cows individually at the dairy farm Lomholdt Agro in Northern Jytland, Lars Lomholdt chose OK feeder no. 1800. The farm has 600 cows and an annually milk yield of 13.500 kg per cow.

The advantage of giving feed in an individual feeder compared with a feed table or a group feeder is that you can easily determine how much each cow has been eating. This is important information as the feed intake is an indicator of the well-being of the cow.

The height of the feeder is adjustable

The XL feeders are hung from two adjustable transverse pipes that can be adapted to the cow’s eating height. This way the feeder and eating position of the pregnant cows can easily be adjusted to the deep litter level.

Focus on hygiene and ease-of-use

“I like the feeder. When we use it in the manner that we do, the feeder needs to be easy to handle, so that it can be moved around and used anywhere in the cow shed. And it may be emptied really fast too”, says Lars Lomholdt.

The XL feeder no. 1800 is popular with larger calves, but as we have learnt, it may also be used with cows. With a volume of 180 litres, there is plenty of room for both concentrated feed or coarse feed.

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