No. 1800 XXL hook-over feeder, 180 L

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Large capacity trough no. 1800 for veal calves and calving boxes

The trough features a large capacity of 180 liters suitable for the needs of veal calves and cows. The trough has a raised edge which prevents the animals from dropping and spilling feed on to the feed alley. The edge of the trough ensures that any feed that the animals drop whilst munching falls back into the trough.

The trough is easily mounted on gates with a diameter of up to 2″. Weighing only 13,2 kg, the trough is easy to handle. Its design is characterised by its roundness making it easy to clean.

All OK Plast products are characterized by the attributes stated below:

  • UV protection in order to ensure a long life and durability of the product
  • Produced from raw material and additives that are approved for food contact

Additional information

Weight 13.2 kg
Dimensions 770 × 1000 × 480 mm

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