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Feeder no. 561 slows down comsumption and prevents boredom

The Slow-feeder Horse Toy consists of two parts; a container( no. 563-07) and a trough (no. 150-07). Both parts are mounted on the wall with a distance of 80 cm from trough bottom to mid container. The distance of 80 cm ensures that the horse has unlimited access when eating from the trough. A hole in the front of the container is used for filling while the dosage hole is placed on the side of the container.

In order to get a little portion of feed out of the hole in the container, the horse has to turn the container with its muzzle. Afterwards the horse will eat the portion dispensed from the trough. Please note that the container and trough are mounted low on the wall, so horses do not have to stretch their neck when activating the container.

As with all our Slow-feeder products (see also no. 599 and no. 674/675) the idea is to make sure that the animals eat slowly. This will increase the grazing time and benefit digestion.

The Slow-feeder will keep a horse activated for 3 hours, which will prevent boredom and break bad habits.

All OK Plast products are characterized by the attributes stated below:

  • UV protection in order to ensure a long life and durability of the product
  • Produced from raw material and additives that are approved for food contact

Other products for hay, see bale feeder 679, Slow-Feeder no. 599 and no. 674/675, Hay dispenser no. 499 or Hay trough no. 595

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 510 × 440 × 160 mm

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