No. 589 XL Hay-Feeder 300 L

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Hay Feeder no. 589 with ventilation holes and reinforced edge

Placed in the corner this hay rack takes up very little space and is perfect for wrap, hay, grass seed feed, and straw. It contains 300 L which corresponds to 14-20 kilos of straw feed depending on how hard you compress it.

The horses only pick out a bit of feed but do not spread it all over the stall compared to hay and wrap placed directly on the stall floor. This means less consumption, and also ensuring that the horses receive the kilos straw-based feed they need. Not least, the feed that is saved is not stepped into the bedding, meaning less wastage goes to the dunghill.

The shape and the placing of the feeder also consider the natural eating position for the horses.

The feeder is equipped with 44 holes and a slot on each side. Holes and slots serve for airing the hay, and sorting out dirt and dust. The slots aslo ensure better hygiene, as feed residues do not accumulate.

The mounting height should allow for cleaning under the feeder with a broom. The recommended distance between the feeder and the floor should be 10-15 cm.

All OK Plast products are characterized by the attributes stated below:

  • UV protection in order to ensure a long life and durability of the product
  • Produced from raw material and additives that are approved for food contact

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 780 × 1220 × 770 mm

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